Aphonia (2024)

Modern Silent Cinema - Aphonia
release date September 1, 2024 by Bad Channels Records (BCR-010)

1. Phantasmagoria
2. Aphonia
3. Fig Newton of My Imagination
4. Jester Inquisition
5. Remiss
6. A Life of Constant Aberration (solo guitar)
7. Pulgasari (demo)
8. Two Good Murderesses or Four (electric version)
9. Del Tenney
10. Nosferatu Boogie
11. The Marrying Sort

Music written, performed, and recorded by Cullen Gallagher.

All songs previously unreleased.
Remixed 2024 by Cullen Gallagher.
Mastered by Caleb Mulkerin at Tank 28.
Released by Bad Channels Records May 2024 (BCR-010).
Copyright 2024.

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Limited edition CD available (first pressing, 50 copies)