Passages X-XXI (for Solo Piano) (2024)

Modern Silent Cinema - Passages X-XXI (for Solo Piano)
released January 10, 2024 by Bad Channels Records (BCR-004)

1. Passage X 04:12
2. Passage XI 04:08
3. Passage XII 03:56
4. Passage XIII 02:05
5. Passage XIV 03:06
6. Passage XV 02:32
7. Passage XVI 02:34
8. Passage XVIII 01:47
9. Passage XVIII 02:56
10. Passage XIX 02:43
11. Passage XX 02:45
12. Passage XXI 01:16

Lo-fi impressionistic solo piano inspired by Gyorgi Ligeti, Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru, Frederic Mompou, and Erik Satie. This album was written while visiting my mother in Maine over Thanksgiving, the crackling of the fireplace can be heard in the background. I decided to keep the fireplace as part of the recording because it accurately conveyed the ambience of the environment in which the songs were written and recorded. Environment is important to the composition and performance of music, and I wanted to be true to the moment, trying to capture a diaristic sensibility.

Recorded November 2023.
Written, performed, and recorded by Cullen Gallagher.
Mastered by Caleb Mulkerin at Tank 28.
Cover art by SG.

Now streaming:

Limited edition CD available (first pressing 50 copies)

"All about the homespun warmth—the crackles you hear throughout these short compositions, courtesy of the lounge room fireplace."—Simon Kirk, Sun 13