April 20, 2024 - "Ah, But Is It Love?" (from The Cabinet of Modern Silent Cinema) on Inflatable Squirrel Carcass with Rich Hazelton, WFMU (Jersey City, NJ)

April 11, 2024 - "Quartermain on the Move" (from Forbidden Frames Soundtrack) on Chuck Nicklow's Popular Culture Process Filter, WRUW FM91.1 (Cleveland, OH)

Oct. 13, 2010 - "A Dirge for Goodis," The Roister Show, WQMC Queens College Radio (New York, NY)


April 11, 2024 - Interview on Low Budget Visions with Matt Barry [video]


The Cinema Detective

"For his 27th Modern Silent Cinema release in 20 years, the Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist and composer artfully unspools lo-fi, deliberately paced instrumental rock."The Tinnitist

Passages X–XXI (for Solo Piano)

"All about the homespun warmth – the crackles you hear throughout these short compositions, courtesy of the lounge room fireplace."Simon Kirk, Sun 13

Passages I–IX (for Solo Piano)

"A superb mixture of the ambient and the noir. Contemplative, melancholy, the album's perfect writing music."Joseph Goodirch, author (The Paris Manuscript and Blood Relations: The Selected Letters of Ellery Queen, 19471950)