Passages I-IX (for Solo Piano) (2023)

Modern Silent Cinema - Passages I–IX (for Solo Piano)
release date November 1, 2023 by Bad Channels Records (BCR-002)

1. Passage I 05:06
2. Passage V 04:54
3. Passage VII 00:48
4. Passage VI 02:11
5. Passage IX 02:08
6. Passage IV 03:39
7. Passage III 03:58
8. Passage VIII 00:49
9. Passage II 02:20

Lo-fi impressionistic solo piano inspired by Gyorgi Ligeti, Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru, Frederic Mompou, Erik Satie, Maurice Ravel, and Claude Debussy

Written and performed by Cullen Gallagher.
Recorded July 31–August 3, 2023.
Mastered by Caleb Mulkerin at Tank 28.
Cover art by SG.

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Limited edition CD available (first pressing 50 copies)

"A superb mixture of the ambient and the noir. Contemplative, melancholy, the album's perfect writing music."Joseph Goodirch, author (The Paris Manuscript and Blood Relations: The Selected Letters of Ellery Queen, 19471950)